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Western Bulldogs officials described it as a wake up call yesterday, and the entire playing list has been left in no doubt just how loud the alarm will ring if there is a repeat of the anti social behaviour that has emerged from the club’s end of season trip. While Adam Cooney and Jarrad Grant have been dealt ”a significant warning” for their starring roles in a five minute YouTube clip filmed on a Hong Kong nightclub district street last October, the club has put the playing group on notice that further transgression by any player will invite far more than a stern talking to. Simon Garlick’s first media task since replacing Campbell Rose as chief executive was to respond yesterday morning to the emergence of a video that shows Brownlow medallist Cooney obstructing traffic and sliding down the street on his stomach on a plastic lid, and Grant launching himself on to the bonnet of a taxi. The footage drew a mixed reaction yesterday, but nfl jerseys shop Garlick was having none cheap jerseys of the notion that it was merely spirited hijinx or its appearance on YouTube an example of an unreasonable focus on the off field actions of AFL footballers. ”If you want to be involved in this industry then you’ve got to expect that level of scrutiny,” Garlick told radio nfl jerseys shop station Triple M.Lakers Coach Luke Walton me to work on my skyhook, nfl jerseys china Zubac said. he told me in the future they see me as their center, so it better to look at this year as adjustment year. PicoPix And sometimes it hard Oakley Sports Sunglasses to get minutes for me, so it better to get some run in the D League. Most he wants is [for me] to stay in shape and work on my game. a 19 year old from Bosnia Herzegovina, was active for the Lakers against the Utah Jazz. He entered Monday having played in three games for the Lakers, with one start when center Timofey Mozgov was out with a left eye contusion. Walton started Zubac in that game so as to keep his second unit Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys together with backup center Tarik Black (who suffered an ankle sprain Monday).”You just got to go play. And no matter how many times it knocks you down. No matter how many times you think you can’t go forward. No matter how many times things just don’t go right. You know, anybody can quit. Anybody can do that. A Hall of Famer never quits. A Hall of Famer realizes that, a Hall of Famer realizes wholesale Jerseys that the crime is not being knocked replica oakleys down, the crime is not getting up again. And I want to thank you for allowing me to be here. Thank you very much.” Lawerence Taylor during his Hall of Fame induction speech at Canton Ohio
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