Whether you are planning to stay one night or checking in for weeks, Green Country inn gives you the choice of affordable accommodations, whether it is for a business trip, relocation living, temporary housing or vacations.

• 41 Rooms Available
• Double, King and Queen Beds
• 40 inch H.D Flat Screen TV’s
• Hairdryer
• Alarm clock/radio
• Telephone
• AC/Heater Unit
• Micro-refrigerator
• Business Desk
• High Speed Internet
• Fire-alarm
• Luggage Rack
• Hanger Rack with Hangers
• Ice Bucket
• Soft-Plus towels
• Granite countertops
• Stylish Mirrors
• Beautiful room decor
• Storage drawers
• In room carpets

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First Chamber “ Image award” recognized by the

Henryetta Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Executive Director Roy Madden and Chamber President Andy Bealko presented the January 2007 award to the Patel couple.

AAA Approved Diamond rated Hotel: 2003-2011

Green Country Inn donates money for golf bags

Donation made to the Henryetta golf program for 22 new golf bags.

Reader’s choice for the Bets of the Best in Henryetta on

Rated #1 on in Henryetta.

Member of OHLA – Oklahoma Hotel and Lodging Hotel since 2003

Member of the American Hotel and Lodging Association since 2003

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